Mar. 29th, 2011

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So I got Okamiden pretty much the day it came out, and 25 hours of game play later...  I officially beat it.  OMG that game <333.  It was like an overdose of cute.  The character designs were adorable, the art was gorgeous, and the storyline was fantastic.  I'll admit, I was skeptical in the beginning as the game was riddled with spelling errors, and then later on as the plot started to go in what seemed like a completely different direction, but it managed to completely tie itself together in the end to make a very enjoyable story.  Cut for major spoilers )  My biggest complaint with the game was the spelling errors, as well as the fact that the brush strokes didn't always work correctly, even though I know I was doing them right.

And now that I've finished with that, I've moved onto Pokemon White.  Holy crap this game is Pokemon for grown ups, isn't it?  Everything just seems more mature for a Pokemon game, and the whole "liberation" theme is also aimed more for my generation than the hoardes of kiddies I sold the game to.  I'm also beginning to think I need a PhD to figure out how the hell the C Gear works, because just looking at it makes my brain explode.  Bianca and Cleven or whatever are kind of annoying, but I like the idea of having friends instead of rivals, kind of like in Ruby/Sapphire with that blonde kid.  And then there's the "you can only catch Gen V Pokemon until after you beat the Elite Four."  I really like this idea.  I know that a lot of people seem not to, but so far the Pokemon I've seen are beyond adorable (I decided to go into this blind without looking at the Pokemon in advance) and it means that I never have to see another Geodude in my life for a long, long time.


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