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I recently got my Gavril into [ profile] hellpointe , and as a result I decided to go back and picspam Gavril's appearance in Justice League: Generation Lost.  He's quickly becoming my favorite character in DC (under Damian) and he's just too adorable to not share with the world.

For the uninformed: Justice League: Generation Lost is a 25 issue mini-series (as of today there are 19 issues out), following various members of the old Justice League International (plus two new legacy characters to take the places of members who died).  It begins with Maxwell Lord, former financer and technical founder of the Justice League International, came back to life.  Which sounds like a good thing, only in the years leading up to his death, Max snapped and tried to kill the entire metahuman population.  After murdering Ted Kord (the second Blue Beetle) in cold blood and causing a reign of terror with both his mind control abilities (yes, the man who wants to kill the metahumans is himself a metahuman) and his metahuman-hunting cyborgs, the OMACs, Wonder Woman snapped his neck and killed him.  In order to accomplish some as of yet unknown goal, Max uses his abilities to make the entire world forget who he is.  Everyone, except for Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, and Booster Gold.  Through "mysterious" circumstances they meet both Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle), and Gavril Ivanovich (the new Rocket Red) and their team is complete (well they get Power Girl later on but shhh).

Okay so the team gets teleported from Jaime's house in Texas to bumblefuck, Russia, where they encounter several members of the Rocket Red Brigade (Russia's superhuman police force).  At first they believe the Rocket Reds are there for them, but in actuality they're there for...

They fill Jaime in on what the Rocket Red Brigade is.

Yes, Gavril is out of his mind and has his own commie blog.  He was awesome from page 2 (or whatever page that was).

Anyway, the team decides that this fight isn't any of their business, and are about to go on their merry little way when the Rocket Reds (that aren't Gavril) begin putting civilians in danger because they're attacking Gavril so carelessly.  After someone almost gets hurt, they decide they have to help.

First sign Gavril is smarter than he seems.

You know it's bad when Booster Gold calls you showy.

Second sign Gavril's smarter than he seems--he's the first to piece together that someone has put the JLI back together.

See?  He's totally harmless.  He only attacks buildings!

And then Booster activates his true power--which is screaming at the top of his lungs and summoning Max Lord from thin air.  Well, not thin air, but from a little hologram inside one of the defeated Rocket Red's suits.  Max tells them that he put the team back together because the world needs the JLI.

Look at how polite he is!

Anyway, they get finished talking.  Meanwhile, Skeets was trying to trace Max's signal.

What I find incredibly honorable about Gavril is that even though five seconds earlier he called this guy a "whore of decadence," and even while the guy is all but cursing his name, Gavril still cares about him.  Truly cares.  You can tell that he has a bond with his former teammate, and when push comes to shove he's not about to put petty politics in the middle.  People always come first with him.

I'm going to save you from several gut-wrenching panels where Vadim thinks that Captain Atom will save him, because really it makes me want to cry every time I read it.  The guy (and Captain Atom) explodes.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gavril was crying under that helmet.  Manly tears for a fallen comrade.  They take Jaime and Gavril to one of the old JLI embassies (I'm guessing the Russian one but I don't think they ever specify), and him and Fire talk one-on-one:

So Gavril shows his true colors--he's an idiot with a hero complex.

And that ends part one.  Part two will be him being a complete and utter BAMF on his first real mission.
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