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Tomorrow is the defining moment of the century

and I'm gonna be part of it.

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Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:New York, United States of America
c o d e b r e a k e r : kaitie kudara

exhibit A.

NAME Kaitie
AGE 23

more info.
My journal is partially friend-locked. My fandom posts tend to be public (though there are exceptions), but my private posts are friends-locked. I tend not to ramble or rant about private matters unless someone really ticks me off. Friend me to get the full [personal profile] redconfession experience. I'm always looking for new fandom/DW friends!

↳Superhero comics
The Authority
↳Damian Wayne
↳Attempting to be organized
↳Geeky things
↳Surfing the interwebs
↳Messing around on photoshop

can also be found at.
[community profile] deptofmetahumanaffairs Musebox
[community profile] pyrophoric Icon Community
[community profile] kaitiescaps / [ profile] kaitiescaps Screencaps

method of contact.
EMAIL kaitiekudara[AT]gmail[DOT]com
AIM Redconfession*
Plurk [ profile] redconfession*
Livejournal [ profile] red_confession
Tumblr [ profile] redconfession
Twitter [ profile] redconfession
Deviantart [ profile] maykoishimura
* = preferred method

original form by [ profile] belius at [ profile] layering

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