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2011-06-09 02:00 pm
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So How Diverse is DC's new line?

I was curious, with DC claiming their new line would be modern and diverse, just how diverse their releases have been so far, so I broke them down.

Note: Certain characters (like Deadman) I listed as white, as he was white before he died.  Same with Swamp thing and Frankenstein.  Feel free to argue with me on them.  And I have Batman in Parenthesis because he's in like 80 different covers.  I listed him once, then in parenthesis from then on, so the original number represents how many different characters there were, while in the parenthesis shows how many total were depicted on covers.


So how diverse were they? )

If you know the names of these characters, or if I mislabeled someone, please let me know.

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2011-06-03 10:31 pm
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My thoughts on the DC reboot/relaunch/rewhatever

So my immediate reaction was "wow, this is going to bite them in the ass" followed quickly by "DC never learns, do they?"  But now that I've had a few days to mull it over and read the releases and such since, I think I've settled on a reaction.  I feel jipped.  I haven't been into DC as long as I have Marvel (not that I've been into either very long), but I've been reading a lot of current and older issues and developed a lot of feelings for certain characters.  A lot of these characters have been released in the last five years, and they seem to be the characters DC is going to dump as soon as they hit the redo button.  This seems to be especially true for the batfamily.  Cass had already been cast aside by the DC writers for years before FINALLY being brought back...  Almost to inevitably be tossed aside once again, as they give roles to the old favorites.  Same will go for Damian, and Steph, who are finally finding their stride in their respective titles.  The Secret Six isn't one of the most popular titles DC has, and although it has a strong fanbase, it's not that large.  That and DC doesn't seem to be fond of anything other than happy or self-deprecating superheroes, they'll probably get dumped too.  DC has always hated Jason Todd, and since they brought him back they have had no idea what to do with him, so he will inevitably get tossed again too.  No official word on Jaime, but as DC keeps claiming to be "diversifying," he should be all right.  Same with Gavril who appears to be on the new JLI team.  God knows what they'll do to Booster.

Basically, it makes me wonder why I've invested in these characters at all, since they plan on redoing everything anyway.  Why should I bother picking up any issues until September?

And why announce the JLI at the end of Generation Lost at all if it's all part of their bold new reboot/launch/whatthefuckever?
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2011-03-10 09:41 pm
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Gavril Ivanovich Picspam (Part Three)

After a lull in awesome Gavril moments...  Justice League: Generation Lost 21 came out. And so I bring you these awesome moments in picspam form.

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2011-02-07 12:24 pm
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Gavril Ivanovich Picspam (Part Two)

So last night I did part one of my Gavril picspam, which basically covered his origins and introduction to the group.  Now I move on to the second and final part, where Gavril gets his chance to shine.

Warning: Image Heavy )
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2011-02-07 03:08 am
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Gavril Ivanovich Picspam (Part One)

I recently got my Gavril into [ profile] hellpointe , and as a result I decided to go back and picspam Gavril's appearance in Justice League: Generation Lost.  He's quickly becoming my favorite character in DC (under Damian) and he's just too adorable to not share with the world.

For the uninformed: Justice League: Generation Lost is a 25 issue mini-series (as of today there are 19 issues out), following various members of the old Justice League International (plus two new legacy characters to take the places of members who died).  It begins with Maxwell Lord, former financer and technical founder of the Justice League International, came back to life.  Which sounds like a good thing, only in the years leading up to his death, Max snapped and tried to kill the entire metahuman population.  After murdering Ted Kord (the second Blue Beetle) in cold blood and causing a reign of terror with both his mind control abilities (yes, the man who wants to kill the metahumans is himself a metahuman) and his metahuman-hunting cyborgs, the OMACs, Wonder Woman snapped his neck and killed him.  In order to accomplish some as of yet unknown goal, Max uses his abilities to make the entire world forget who he is.  Everyone, except for Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, and Booster Gold.  Through "mysterious" circumstances they meet both Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle), and Gavril Ivanovich (the new Rocket Red) and their team is complete (well they get Power Girl later on but shhh).

Warning: Image heavy )