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- Planetary
- Gen 13
- Stormwatch Volume 1/Team Achilles
- Captain America
- Teen Titans
- Outsiders

TV Shows:
- Once Upon a Time
- Grimm
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Video Games:
- Mass Effect 2
- Kingdoms of (something that begins with an A--Avalon?): Reckoning

Stuff to re-
- The Authority

- .hack//SIGN
- .hack//ROOTS

- Apollo Justice
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I'm working on new icons for my Damian journal, and this is the result. Icons are from Batman and Robin 16-22, and Batgirl 17. The two fanart pieces are from here and here.

Icons under the cut )
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So I've been following the reboot/relaunch whatever thing of DC's, but it became hard for me to keep track of all the titles they were coming up with.  For my ease and for everyone else, here is the complete list of the announced DC titles with their covers, writers, artists, and blurbs.  The GL Corps, Red Lanterns, and The New Guardians never released their #1 covers.

The big list under the cut )
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So my immediate reaction was "wow, this is going to bite them in the ass" followed quickly by "DC never learns, do they?"  But now that I've had a few days to mull it over and read the releases and such since, I think I've settled on a reaction.  I feel jipped.  I haven't been into DC as long as I have Marvel (not that I've been into either very long), but I've been reading a lot of current and older issues and developed a lot of feelings for certain characters.  A lot of these characters have been released in the last five years, and they seem to be the characters DC is going to dump as soon as they hit the redo button.  This seems to be especially true for the batfamily.  Cass had already been cast aside by the DC writers for years before FINALLY being brought back...  Almost to inevitably be tossed aside once again, as they give roles to the old favorites.  Same will go for Damian, and Steph, who are finally finding their stride in their respective titles.  The Secret Six isn't one of the most popular titles DC has, and although it has a strong fanbase, it's not that large.  That and DC doesn't seem to be fond of anything other than happy or self-deprecating superheroes, they'll probably get dumped too.  DC has always hated Jason Todd, and since they brought him back they have had no idea what to do with him, so he will inevitably get tossed again too.  No official word on Jaime, but as DC keeps claiming to be "diversifying," he should be all right.  Same with Gavril who appears to be on the new JLI team.  God knows what they'll do to Booster.

Basically, it makes me wonder why I've invested in these characters at all, since they plan on redoing everything anyway.  Why should I bother picking up any issues until September?

And why announce the JLI at the end of Generation Lost at all if it's all part of their bold new reboot/launch/whatthefuckever?
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After a lull in awesome Gavril moments...  Justice League: Generation Lost 21 came out. And so I bring you these awesome moments in picspam form.

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So last night I did part one of my Gavril picspam, which basically covered his origins and introduction to the group.  Now I move on to the second and final part, where Gavril gets his chance to shine.

Warning: Image Heavy )
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I recently got my Gavril into [ profile] hellpointe , and as a result I decided to go back and picspam Gavril's appearance in Justice League: Generation Lost.  He's quickly becoming my favorite character in DC (under Damian) and he's just too adorable to not share with the world.

For the uninformed: Justice League: Generation Lost is a 25 issue mini-series (as of today there are 19 issues out), following various members of the old Justice League International (plus two new legacy characters to take the places of members who died).  It begins with Maxwell Lord, former financer and technical founder of the Justice League International, came back to life.  Which sounds like a good thing, only in the years leading up to his death, Max snapped and tried to kill the entire metahuman population.  After murdering Ted Kord (the second Blue Beetle) in cold blood and causing a reign of terror with both his mind control abilities (yes, the man who wants to kill the metahumans is himself a metahuman) and his metahuman-hunting cyborgs, the OMACs, Wonder Woman snapped his neck and killed him.  In order to accomplish some as of yet unknown goal, Max uses his abilities to make the entire world forget who he is.  Everyone, except for Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, and Booster Gold.  Through "mysterious" circumstances they meet both Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle), and Gavril Ivanovich (the new Rocket Red) and their team is complete (well they get Power Girl later on but shhh).

Warning: Image heavy )
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Day 1 - Your very first video game.
Day 2 - Your favorite character.
Day 3 - An underrated game.
Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game.
Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
Day 6 - Most annoying character.
Day 7 - Favorite game couple.
Day 8 -  Best soundtrack.
Day 9 - Saddest game scene.
Day 10 - Best gameplay.
Day 11 - Gaming system of choice.
Day 12 - A game everyone should play.
Day 13 - A game you’ve played more than five times.
Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.
Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.
Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes.
Day 17 - Favorite antagonist.
Day 18 - Favorite protagonist.
Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

Day 20 - Favorite genre.
Day 21 - Game with the best story.
Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you.
Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style.
Day 24 - Favorite classic game.
Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.
Day 26 - Best voice acting.
Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.
Day 28 - Favorite game developer.
Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

If you'd asked me two years ago, I would have said RPGs without batting an eye.  However, the RPG genre seems to be dying a slow, painful death, and so I'm going to have to go with my new love:

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Someone wanted to know what happened in JL:GL, so I put together an outline for them.  Wall of text and massive JL:GL spoilers under the cut.

JL:GL Outline )
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I missed some last week,so some of these are old:

- Age of Heroes 4
- Avengers 4
- Avengers Academy 3
- Captain America 609
- Dark Wolverine 90
- Justice League: Generation Lost 8
- Thunderbolts 147
- Time Masters 2

My Amazon order also happened to come in today, so I can add to my list:

- 52 2-4 tpb
- Batman: RIP tpb
- Batman: The Black Globe tpb
- Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul tpb
- Dark Reign: Hawkeye tpb

The order also had Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1, Part 1.

I have a lot of reading to do.
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Relatively small pile this week:

- Batman Beyond 3
- Darkwing Duck 3
- Deadpool 26
- The New Avengers 3

So I got a trade:

- Batman and Son

And from the Quarter Bin:

- Amazing Fantasy 3
- DC Universe 0
- Paradise X: Xen
- Secret Invasion 2
- The Invincible Iron Man 29
- The OMAC Project 6
- True_Believers 3
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I waited until Saturday because my comic book store was having a sale again (why do the good issues always come out the week of the sale?)  Anyway, when I finally went I got:

- Avengers Fairy Tales 1-4
- Booster Gold 35
- Dark Wolverine 89
- Justice League: Generation Lost 7
- Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 13
- 52 1 TPB
- Blue Beetle: Reach for the Stars TPB
- Blue Beetle: End Game TPB

The quarter bins were gone (thank god) so nothing from there.

I have to say--I LOVED the Avengers Fairy Tales.  Originally I was just going to just buy the Young Avengers one, but I figured "why the hell not" and got them all.  I was not dissappointed.  I especially liked the Pinocchio one with Vision and Pym (#2).  If you haven't read them, you should check them out.
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Slow Comics day:
- Avengers Prime 2
- Deadpool 1000
- Red Hood: The Lost Days 3
- Shadowland 2
- Shadowland: Bullseye Oneshot
- Young Allies

The Shadowland: Bullseye oneshot was... all right.  A bit disappointing, really.  And Avengers Prime 2 felt like an inbetween of 1 and whatever 3 will be.  It would have meant a disappointing week had Red Hood: The Lost Days not been really good.  It was definitely better than the first two, and it reminds me how much I love Jason.

Quarter bin: 
- The Authority 5
- Azrael: Agent of the Bat 79, 80, 82, 97, 1,000,000
- Black Lightning 1
- Bullseye: Greatest Hits 2
- icandy 2
- Justice League Elite 3
- JSA Classified 13, 16, 19, 35
- Martian Manhunter 1
- Marvel Divas 1
- Marvel Mystery Comics 1
- The Marvels Project 1
- The OMAC Project 5-6
- The OMAC Project (Infinite Crisis Special) 1
- Outsiders 5, 30
- The Spectre (Infinite Crisis Aftermath) 3
- Thunderbolts: Breaking Point Oneshot
- Thunderbolts 78
- True Believers 3
- Ultimate Fantastic Four 60
- Ultimate Vision 0
- Vigilante 1,2
- Wolverine Annual 1
- Wolverine 3, 34

34 comics is a sign that I need to lay off the quarter bin for a while.
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Relatively short pile today:

- Franken-Castle 19 (it's the crossover with Dark Wolverine)
- Justice League: Generation Lost 6
- The Return of Bruce Wayne 4
- Uncanny X-Men 526 (it has the little YA-related thing at the end)

I'm also on a Jason Todd kick thanks to Under the Red Hood, so I picked up the following trades:

- Batman: Under the Hood 1 & 2
- Nightwing: Brothers in Blood

I was too tired to look through the quarter bin as I had already been in the car for like 5+ hours, and sheer willpower got me to the comic book store.
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A lot of good comics came out today; I had no idea until I got there.

- Age of Heroes 3
- The Avengers 3
- Batman Beyond 2
- Dark Wolverine 88
- Darkwing Duck 2
- Deadpool 25
- The New Avengers 2
- Time Masters: Vanishing Point 1

I've already barrelled through all of them.  I had to.  If you like Darkwing Duck and you aren't reading the comic do it.  It's the closest thing to getting a new cartoon as anything.  Dark Wolverine was satisfying because Daken finally stopped feeling sorry about himself and went back to what he does best--be a dick.  And he does it so well.  Time Masters was great because we got to see some little!Rip, daddy!Booster time, and those two pages alone are worth the cost of the comic.

The Avengers was... eh.  I'll rant about it later.

Also, I promise I'll do some sort of personal journal update soon.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I've been busy with other stuff.
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Yeah this is late, so sue me.  I added in the comics I bought today to avoid double posting.
  • Avengers Academy 2
  • Booster Gold 34
  • Justice League: Generation Lost 5
  • Red Hood: The Lost Days 2
  • Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers 1-3
  • X-Men Origins: Deadpool
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 12
  • Young Allies 2
Booster and JL:GL were fantastic (as usual).  Young Allies kind of slid in interest a bit for me, and I'm still struggling to care about Avengers Academy, even though so many people seem to like it.  X-Men Origins: Deadpool was kind of terrible.  My main issue with it was the lack of funny.  Deadpool is supposed to be out of his mind crazy; this Deadpool was just kind of... normal.

Quarter Bin:
  • Astonishing Tales 2
  • Avengers Invaders 1
  • Brightest Day 2
  • Captain America White 0
  • Dark Reign: New Nation
  • Heroes for Hire 1,2,4,5,9,10,12-14
  • Infinity Inc. 1
  • JLA 36
  • JLA Classified 6
  • JSA Classified 28
  • Justice League Elite 2-3
  • Mister Miracle 2
  • Ms. Marvel 33
  • Nightwing 120
  • Outsiders 11
  • Project Superpowers 1
  • Secret Invasion Captain Marvel 5
  • Tales of the Unexpected 3
  • The Flash 212
  • The Spectre (Infinite Crisis aftermath 1
  • True Believers 1-2
  • Ultimate Vision 1-5
  • Wonder Man 1
  • Young Avengers 8

If you can't tell, I'm really liking my quarter bin.  Unfortunately, I'm almost out of boxes to go through.  I think there's only one left.
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Today, my pile started out pretty short.  Only one issue I was interested in today.  That issue was:

- Batman Beyond 1

Seeing as I don't think I can leave the store having only spent 4 dollars, I picked up:

- JLI 4

So my trade collection of that is now complete.

I then decided to look through the next three 25 cent comic bins.  I hit the jackpot of comics this time.  14 issues I picked up (I was going to pick up an random issue of Nightwing I found, but when I went to look for it again I couldn't find it).  The issues are:

- The Ultimates Annual 2
- Thunderbolts 116
- Avengers: The Initiative Annual 1
- Avengers: The Initiative 7
- What... Huh? One shot
- Outsides 26-29
- Young Justice 3, 4, 39, 41
- JLX Unleashed 1

I'm especially excited about finding Young Justice.  I've been interested in the title since I learned about it, and finding some issues for 25 cents is really awesome, because now I can try it for pretty cheap.  I'm also curious about JLX Unleashed 1, as it's from Amalgam comics, which is the DC/Marvel hybrid character comics.  Wha...Huh? also looks intriguing as that's pretty much my reaction to the cover--I'm hoping it doesn't suck.

'Till next week (when it will be on a Thursday)!
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I know I'm posting this at an ungodly early hour, but I'm going to the zoo today with my parents (I feel 5 again, but in a good way) so I'm up early.


I consider myself a decently savvy shopper, however sometimes the temptation to spend money gets me, and gets me hard.  Luckily for me I just had my grad party on the 12th, so I didn't wind up spending much of my own money.  Part of me thinks thats the only reason I spent so much, whereas the other part of me wonders if I would have bought it all regardless.

It started on Friday, when I walked into a Borders for the first time in a long time with a $35 gift card (well a $25 gift card and a $10 one) and walked out with the DC Enclycopedia.  I was originally intending to buy the Marvel one, but then I realized I am far more familiar with Marvel characters, so I picked up the DC one for now.  I'll get the Marvel one eventually.

Saturday was the real kicked.  My local comic book store had an invitation-only sale.  Everything in the store was 20% off, supplies and back issues were 30% off.  My inner woman came out at the word "sale" and I spent $130 when all was said and done.  Granted $120 of that was in gift cards, but still.  I picked up:

- Darkwing Duck 1
- Dark Wolverine 87
- New Avengers (Vol. 2) 1
- Avengers Academy 1
- Batman 700
- Age of Heroes 2
- Return of Bruce Wayne 2
- Deadpool 24

Then I moved on to the trades section, and picked up:
- Formerly Known as the Justice League
- Justice League International 1-3
- Blue Beetle - Shellshocked (aka Volume 1)

I also picked up bags because I ran out and box dividers.

I actually went to the sale immediately before a 3 hour road trip to a friends house in PA, mainly because I didn't want to miss this sale.

And if that isn't reason enough to show that I shouldn't be spending money...  Barnes and Noble was having a clearance on graphic novels the 22nd (it's still going on now, but a lot of the marvel titles are gone by now).  One of the comic book writers (Dan Slott, I think) mentioned it on twitter, and well... $34 later I'm waiting on the following titles:

- Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Volume 3: The Man Who Bought America
- Mighty Avengers, Volume 1: The Ultron Initiative
- Mighty Avengers, Volume 2: Venom Bomb
- The New Avengers, Volume 7: The Trust
- New Avengers, Volume 5: Civil War
- New Avengers, Volume 8: Secret Invasion, Book 1
- New Avengers, Volume 9: Secret Invasion, Book 2
- New Avengers: Illuminati
- Ultimates 2, Volume 1: Gods and Monsters
- The Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game: Guide to the Hulk and the Avengers

I tried to pick up Ultimates 1, Volume 1, but it sold out like immediately before I hit send.

So yeah, not spending a lot of money in a while.
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The pile for this week is relatively short:

- Avengers 2
- Justice League: Generation Lost 4
- The Return of Bruce Wayne 3

I already have a feeling that Avengers 2 is going to send me into a nerd rage.  Unless they somehow make the Next Avenger thing work (which I doubt).  I'm excited about Generation Lost 4, and I'm hoping that Bat Pilgrim is amusing.

I perused the 25 cent bin since my catch was so small and I had time to kill, and wound up finding some decent finds:

- Ms. Marvel 7
- Ms. Marvel 15
- Young Avengers/Runaways Civil War 3
- Marvel Comics Heroes Reborn: Young Allies 1
- Dark Reign Fantastic Four 2

I like Ms. Marvel, so I picked those up, I picked up the Civil War Crossover out of loyalty to both titles, the Dark Reign FF has the Natasha Stark images in it, and the Young Allies has Nomad on it.

Also in my read pile, I have the following trades I found in the library:
- Batman: Hush (there's no way in hell I'm giving Jeph Loeb money, but I was curious)
- Kingdom Come
- Hound of the Baskervilles
- The Dark Knight Returns

Okay, I lied.  My pile is pretty large after all.  I just didn't spend that much money on it, I guess.  I have more that I bought Saturday I forgot to mention (as I was at a friends party), but I don't want to kill this post with length or LJ cut it.  So that's it for now.
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I skipped a week, so I have a bit more than usual.
  • Booster Gold 33
  • Justice League: Generation Lost 3
  • Red Hod: The Lost Days 1
  • Batman/Superman Annual 4 (it's got Terry in it!)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man 11
  • Young Allies 1
  • Nemesis 2
  • Avengers: Prime 1
And, at the suggestion of the [ profile] boostle community:
  • I Can't Believe it's not the Justice League TPB
Formerly known as the Justice League is up next, followed by the JLI Trades (I'm doing this by price).

I also decided to pick up something I've been contemplating about for a couple weeks now.  I picked up Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, figurine:

Here he is with his best bud, Booster:

More pictures under the cut )


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