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Huh, so I just found out that the group that made my profile code deleted their journal--and the images that made up my profile box.  That kind of sucks.  I wonder what happened--I really like their designs.

Anyone know any good profile code/layout communities? Found a nice one by [ profile] noveltybox 

In other news, my paid subscription ran out.  It's spectacularly bad timing, as it ran out pretty much the day I was furloughed for a month, so I have no real disposable income to renew it.  I guess I'll just have to wait until August.
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Thank you New York, for finally doing something positive in that senate chamber. I've grown so used to you just sitting there bitching at each other, but you can actually get stuff done if you want to. Some of you conservatives can even see past your own views to vote for the right thing.

Thank you, for giving me some sort of hope for my government again.

Thank you for voting for marriage equality.


Mar. 10th, 2011 12:33 am
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Hey guys!  I'm still alive!!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm here and try to read through my f-list once a day.

Basically, I've been very caught up in playing at [ profile] hellpointe  (which is easily my fav LJRP ever, not that Ive been in many) and between that and work I have no time for anything else.

HOWEVER I will try to be more active, and I love you all.
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Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive.  I've been busy with work (I got promoted to a managerial position) and playing Birth by Sleep.  The only new development is I found a place I could train my dogs in agility and I'm looking into that as a serious activity to do with them.  That's really it.  Sorry this was so boring.

Going pro

Jun. 5th, 2010 04:21 pm
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The last couple day's I've been debating whether or not to upgrade my LJ to the paid LJ, but I'm not sure; I'm still on the fence about the whole thing.  On the one hand I've definitely been using LJ more than I have since I ever got this account, but on the other hand I  know there's the possibility that I may walk away from LJ tomorrow b/c i know myself and I tend to be fickle (I really hope I don't walk away from LJ, but I'm just saying).  The idea of getting 30 icons is nice, as is being able to edit your comments.

Does anyone on my flist have a paid account?  Is it worth it?  Should I get one or no?

I'm Old

May. 5th, 2010 09:41 am
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I'm going to make this short and sweet, because I have to take apart my computer.  I'm officially moving out of college in like a half hour.  Forever.  I gradute the 16th.  

Damn I feel old.
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Tomorrow will be my last week of classes ever.  I'm excited and somewhat nervous and I can't wait for it to be over already.  I don't have finals, but I do have a paper due finals week.
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Lately, I've wanted to do nothing but post things about fandom-related stuff.  I've thought of several ideas for posts.  Instead, all my time is being sucked up by school and projects.  So while thinking about fandom, I'm writing about school stuff.  Even this is all I can really spare, a rant about wanting to post stuff.

But then again, this is the last three weeks of a semester ever (I graduate in May), so its kind of a monumental occasion for me.  I can post whatever I want after that.  And hopefully by then I'll remember everything I wanted to say...
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I may be late to the game, but I just discovered how to autocap episodes of things.  Oh my I found a new hobby...

Home again

Apr. 2nd, 2010 10:44 pm
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Ah, home for the weekend.  Happy to be home, and can't wait to be back for good.  Not that I don't like school, but I'm ready to graduate and move on.  Plus I love being with Bailey and Zoe, so yeah.  I already took them to the park today, and they had a blast.  My plans for the weekend are to finish "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd," organize a section of my room, and take the dogs to the park every day.  Pretty uneventful, I know, but I like uneventful.

Also, I started my first LJ RP yesterday, and I'm really excited about that.
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Over the course of the week, I've been playing Pokemon SoulSilver.  Not too much, just a bit here and there when I have free time.  Playing it reminds me how much I loved the original Silver (and crystal).  Everything in this game I love.  From the cities to the routes to the pokemon to the people.  And the graphics are phenomenal.  The fact that it's more 3D than the last game even screwed me up a little, as a route that previously wouldn't have been passable in Diamond was the route I needed to take.  I took like 5 minutes to figure this out.  In two different spots.  Currently I'm at the lake of rage, trying to catch me a red gyarados.

But I think the thing that I like the most about the game is definitely the pokewalker.  Unlike some people who are trying to find ways to manipulate the little thing, it's actually inspired me to walk more.  I heard somewhere that one should take 10,000 steps a day, and thanks to the pokewalker I know that I'm almost half that.  I also know that the pokewalker isn't an exact pedometer, but at the same time it gives me a good idea how much generally I walk (or don't walk) on a given day.  So yeah, my goal is to work myself up to 10,000 steps daily, and then from there try to get a little more.

Anyway, if anyone else has the game, my FC is:
3266 7285 6400
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I think I hate St. Patrick's Day.  It has nothing to do with Irish pride anymore and it's apparently just another excuse for skank-ho's to look extra skank-ho-ish, and for people to drink.  I don't even mind the drinking part, but it's the blatant "OMG we can drink today!" thing.  What seriously makes drinking today different than drinking tomorrow (which you will also do), you stupid skank hos?  And if I see one more person in an "Irish" related shirt I'm going to punch someone.  Seriously, you assholes aren't Irish, you know nothing, and you will continue to know nothing.

This rant was spurred on by seeing every skank-ho in my school all dressed in their sluttiest green, but what really set me off is this skank-ho in front of me with a giant oversized leprauchan hat, a "get lucky I'm Irish" t-shirt, brown short-shorts, lime green fish-net stockings and camo ugg boots.  My eyes burned and my rage boiled over.

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Yes, I am actually taking a Harry Potter class as a 300 level philosophy class.  However, I've discovered that I am not hardcore enough a fan of Harry Potter to be writing a 6 page academic paper on the subject (I am not complaining about the length).  I now know more about the damn Vanishing Cabinet and the Floo Network than I think I ever have wanted to in my life.  I can't wait until I finish this paper and I have one less thing to stress about.  And then I can move on to the other things I have to stress about.

Like my typography mid-term, which I haven't so much as looked at and sounds really in depth and will probably be bullshit because my teacher's a fucking hippie (I like hippies, some of my family members are former hippies, just not the hippie lifestyle structure when in a classroom).  Or my 6 to 8 page bullshit paper about, I shit you not, what I've learned in college.

Can it be spring break nao? y/y?

Snow Day!

Feb. 10th, 2010 12:16 pm
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Today is slowly shaping up to be the best day ever.  No class, no mailroom job, and no gamestop job, all thanks to snow.  A true, legit snow day.  No work, no digging out my car, no shoveling.  I can sit back and relax and enjoy the day.  I'm probably going to wind up playing more No More Heroes 2, but here's to hoping something more exciting happens.


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