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I figure it's that time of the year again, to make resolutions. I'd like to think I'm making realistic resolutions, so I'm going to post them here for all of the world to see. Here we go:

1. Get a job
I’m graduating, so I would really like a place of employment. I’m REALLY hoping that I can work where I interned the past two summers, but really anywhere.

2. Get more organized
This seems like my most unrealistic goal. But at the same time, I’m not trying to be “miss organized of the year,” just get more organized than I’ve been in the past. I’d like to see floor and desk more frequently from than “from time to time,” and I’d like for there to be room for my dogs and/or friends to sit on the bed/chair/floor.

3. Watch Most Unwatched DVDs
I found my boxes filled with DVD cases (I keep all my DVDs in a DVD binder, so the cases had to go SOMEWHERE), and I came to the realization that there are a shitton of DVDs that I own and have never watched. And it’s not stuff I’ve seen in theatres or shown to me by friends. DVDs I bought of stuff I’ve never seen, and have never seen. This is counterintuitive to buying DVDs, so I probably should get on watching those.

4. Write more
I haven’t heard any of my loveable characters in my head for a long time. I used to think that they just didn’t want to talk anymore, but I haven’t gotten any new voices, either. I think this has almost everything to do with my Creative Writing class that I took two semesters ago that really took a blow to my ego. I need to learn again that my way of writing is okay.

5. Read more
I also think that some of the reason I can’t write is because I haven’t read anything of substance in a long, long time. I need to find something that I like and can inspire me to write again.

6. Be more social
My mom’s been getting on my case about this one. I need to stop hiding in my room and go out and enjoy myself from time to time. This doesn’t mean go out and have a crazy social life, but to say “yes” sometimes instead of “no.”

7. Get rid of some of my stuff

This kind of goes with 2, but I’ve come to the realization I have a lot of shit. Shit that I only have a partial attachment to, if any at all. So I’d like to rid myself of some of this shit, either by selling it or giving it to friends or charity.

8. Take my dogs out often
I have two dogs, Bailey and Zoe, and if I don’t take them out to dog parks, no one will. So my goal is to take them out every time I’m home (unless something happens, like a blizzard or the like), and then once I’m home for good at least once a week, preferably 3 to 5 (this depends on my work schedule).


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