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So last night I did part one of my Gavril picspam, which basically covered his origins and introduction to the group.  Now I move on to the second and final part, where Gavril gets his chance to shine.

So the gang continues their hunt for Max Lord.  Skeets traced the signal Max sent out to Checkmate, and so they leave Fire, former member of Checkmate, to formulate a plan to break in.  She all but admits that it's crazy and suicidal.

Captain Atom is not pleased.  He seems to have a dislike for Gavril, but I can't tell if it's because he's a Russian commie or if he's an idiot.  Probably the commie part, because he should be used to hanging around idiots (see = Booster Gold).

So they all invade Checkmate...  wearing Rocket Red uniforms to hide their identities.

Fire and Ice bicker a bit.

There aren't a lot of Gavril in those last two pages, but I just find Fire and Ice's Gavril impressions hilarious.

Gavril gets bored of fighting, and realizes that the room they need to be in is below them.

They go to look in the computers...  Only to find themselves surrounded by half of Checkmate.

Ice secretly ices the floor and they try to get the hell out of there.

Fire gets so distraught over Gavril getting hurt like that, she accidentally breaks cover.  This causes Jaime and Ice to also break cover, and they fight Checkmate.  Somehow, Booster keeps a level head (how the hell did that happen?) and has Captain Atom get them the hell out of there.

They go to the abandoned JLI Embassy in Germany, where Captain Atom admits a grudging respect for Gavril.  Meanwhile, the man in question is in the sick bay with... you guessed it, Fire.

Fire leaves, tells Booster that she respects Gavril, and accidentally stumbled upon Max Lord, who is also in the embassy, trying to get information off their computers.  He uses his mind control to bind her to a chair.  And back in the sick bay, Gavril was getting restless.

He doesn't stop talking because he hangs around Booster all the time.  But the reason he stopped talking was because he found Max on the computer.  He was about to reveal this when Max tries to fry him.

Notice how Gavril is constantly switching which hand Skeets is in, to make sure that he's protected at all times.  It's a robot and he's treating it with the same care he would any of his human teammates  (after all, all are equal under Marx).  Not many people would do that.

Captain Atom takes on the out of control Fire and Booster takes off after Max.  Meanwhile, Gavril suits up and gets Ice out of there, telling her to trust Captain Atom.  You know, the guy that hated him two days before.  The guy that Gavril has no idea has a grudging respect for him.

After that, there aren't a lot of good Gavril moments.  He then sort of got reduced to awesome one-liners while various other teammates got the spotlight.  Which is fine by him; he just likes to be a part of the team.

He's also witnessed a girl fight between Fire and Ice (no good pictures of this), bonded with Jaime over "who the fuck is Wonder Woman?"...

...Botched the English language some more...

...And got himself in a fight with a werewolf.

And this ends the Gavril Ivanovich picspam.
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