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Someone wanted to know what happened in JL:GL, so I put together an outline for them.  Wall of text and massive JL:GL spoilers under the cut.

Until recently, Maxwell Lord was dead after Wonder Woman snapped his neck. However, thanks to the events of Brightest Day, he was one of the few to be brought back to life. Needless to say, that didn’t sit too well with the superpowered community. The JLA issued a statement reminding the world just how dangerous this man is, and everyone (JLA, JSA, CIA, FBI, NSA, Checkmate, etc.) started a world-wide manhunt to find him.

Checkmate sends Fire and Captain Atom to check something out in Yemen, and Fire recruits a reluctant Ice for the task. Captain Atom discovers a bomb. He’s able to absorb the blast, and releases it outside Earth’s atmosphere. We later learn that whenever Atom expels energy, he gets transported to the future while he metabolizes. He wanders around something that he believed was the past, only to learn it was actually 2351, a future where a massive world wiped the superheroes (sans Power Girl) off the map, sent the world into a time period akin to the 1800s and the moon half destroyed. The cause? Maxwell Lord.

Booster Gold figured out that he’d be at the old New York JLI Embassy, and Max proceeds to shut off Booster’s suit and beat the crap out of him with a pipe. As he does, he monologues at Booster: how he’s trying to save the world, how he’s guilty over killing Ted, how he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, and how they’re “all so busy looking at the brushstrokes [they’ve] never seen the painting.” Before passing out, he activates an old JLI signal, bringing Captain Atom, Fire, and Ice to him. As they’re examining Booster, Max Lord pumps himself full of extra blood and uses his powers to make every single person in the world forget he exists. That is, except the four in the embassy with him.

We learn that this not only includes people’s memory of Maxwell Lord, but also any videos, etc are altered so he never existed by everyone but the four. The video of Wonder Woman snapping Lord’s neck is seen by Superman as Wonder Woman standing there with a sword. Batman tells Booster that it was Bruce who re-formed the Justice League, not Lord; Luthor was behind the OMAC Project; …Ted Kord committed suicide. Wonder Woman gets defensive at the idea of snapping anyone’s neck. Guy Gardner believes Tora to be a nutcase who almost killed him. Captain Atom is tricked into attacking his supervisor (he saw his supervisor as Max himself) and loses his position. In short: Max is attempting to completely discredit them as “incompetent, criminal, or dangerous” (except Booster, ostensibly because everyone already thought he was a fraud and a nutcase), they decided to take him on by themselves.

Ted Kord’s JLI signal leads them (sans Fire) to El Paso, where they save Jaime and his family from OMACs. After Jaime succeeds in neutralizing them, they wind up getting teleported to Russia. The suit tells Jaime of Lord’s existence, and that the signal they picked off was bounced off his suit. Meanwhile, Fire goes off on her own and winds up attacking Checkmate, believing Max Lord to be on the premises, and instead winds up setting a Checkmate agent on fire.

In some undisclosed location, Max tries to mind control some scientist, but all he winds up doing is turning him into a dead zombie-looking guy in a Black Lantern uniform. Back in Russia, the group ostensibly gets attacked by a group of Rocket Reds, but they soon figure out it wasn’t them they were after—it was rogue Rocket Red Gavril Ivanovich. Originally they were going to let it stand, but after seeing innocent people being caught in the crosshairs, they throw themselves in with Gavril. It’s Gavril who brings to light that someone is bringing together the old JLI, and they have a fairly good idea who. Meanwhile, Checkmate informed Batman of Fire’s actions, and told him . Batman found it odd that Checkmate wouldn’t be leading the search for Fire, and felt as if they wanted to let him go. He then wondered why he felt the same way.

Max communicates with them through a projector on one of the Rocket Red suits. Wherever he was, he was surrounded by dead Black Lanterns, black blood (presumably from his nose) dripping down his arms. He tells him that he reformed the team because he felt the world needed them, repeated that he wanted to save the world, and warned them to stay away from him, saying that he won’t tolerate them fighting him. The signal fades and the Rocket Red suit begins a countdown to self-destruct. Captain Atom flies him out of harms way, unable to save the man inside. Beetle’s suit is able to track Lord’s checkmate. The group decides to band together to take down Maxwell Lord once and for all.

At checkmate, he gets a vision from the white lantern telling him his mission: kill Magog. Using Fire’s intel and disguised as rogue Rocket Red’s, they infiltrate Checkmate in an attempt to find Max Lord. The infiltration doesn’t go as planned (not only were they caught, they failed to find him), and in the escape Fire, Captain Atom, and the Blue Beetle exposed their identities to Checkmate. The Black King wants to go after them, but the White King convinces him not to. They retreat to the decommissioned JLI embassy in Germany, where they treat Rocket Red’s injuries. Fire goes to check out the old computers, and comes face-to-face with Maxwell Lord… and his gun.
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