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Day 1 - Your very first video game.
Day 2 - Your favorite character.
Day 3 - An underrated game.
Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game.
Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
Day 6 - Most annoying character.
Day 7 - Favorite game couple.
Day 8 -  Best soundtrack.
Day 9 - Saddest game scene.
Day 10 - Best gameplay.
Day 11 - Gaming system of choice.
Day 12 - A game everyone should play.
Day 13 - A game you’ve played more than five times.
Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.
Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.
Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes.
Day 17 - Favorite antagonist.
Day 18 - Favorite protagonist.
Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.
Day 20 - Favorite genre.
Day 21 - Game with the best story.
Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you.
Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style.
Day 24 - Favorite classic game.
Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.
Day 26 - Best voice acting.
Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.
Day 28 - Favorite game developer.
Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

Okami Cover

I was originally going to pick Phoenix Wright, but I'd rather not have that series spam my meme  (as much as I love it), so instead I'm going with my next favorite underrated series--Okami.

Okami starts a hundred years ago, where you learn that the legendary hero Nagi and his wolf partner, Shiranui, battled the evil Orochi to save Nagi's beloved.  Unable to defeat him, they instead seal him away and the land of Nippon is at peace.  We're then brought to the present where Susano, Nagi's drunk descendant, breaks the seal.  Orochi then spreads across the country, draining the life force from everything in sight.  Sakuya, the spirit of the cherry blossom, pleads to Amaterasu, the wolf goddess for help.  She travels the land with her little sidekick, Issun, trying to set things right and save the world of Nippon from destruction.

Yes, it's a very Japanese game.
It really is a visually stunning game

But when I played Okami, it was unlike anything I had ever played before, and to be honest I've never played anything like it since.  Visually it's gorgeous, like playing a Japanese painting.   Everything is so vibrant and bright, and you find yourself wanting to free the world of Orochi's curse just so you can see the beautiful world the developers created.

And then there's the brush system.  By hitting one of the trigger buttons (I believe it was L2), you could open the "canvas" and use the analog sticks to paint various strokes.  Different strokes had different effects on the world around you, and was necessary to complete certain puzzles or restore the world.  You could even do it in battle to slash your enemies or light them on fire.  And as the game progressed, you could learn more strokes from constellations representing the Chinese zodiac.
Amaterasu being badass

If you've never played, I highly recommend it.  It's available for both the PS2 and Wii, although I've heard the Wii's brush controls are kind of wonky.

And if you don't have either system, they're coming out with a sequel in March for the DS called Okamiden.  And it looks adorable.  I mean look at Ama--I mean Chibiratsu!
Chibiratsu, goddess of cute
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